District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Usage of Fund 46 Trust which can be used for Long Term Building
  • Policies need to be discussed. A Policy Meeting was scheduled for September 29th at 1:30 P.M.
  • The issue of changing the Board meetings to a different night has been tabled
  • Thank you to Jenny Loveless and Ted Gavlin for all their work with the Wolf Pups program, and the Board for their support with the Wolf Pups program.

Board Member Comments

  • Dean Troyer asked the other Board members if they were interested in attending the WASB Law Seminar on October 19th and October 20th. Dean is the only one interested and Rhonda will register Dean.
  • Board approved approve shared Occupational, Spanish, Psychological and EC Special Ed services with Wheatland
  • Board approved to increase the price of a student lunch by $.05 to bring it up to State requirements as of November 1, 2017. The new cost of a student lunch will be $2.85 and Adult lunches will be $4.64
  • Board approved the overnight band trip to Nashville, TN May 18, 2018, through May 21, 2018

New Business