District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Michelle Garven mentioned that she met with Miri Dwyer and Kelly Lazuka from SAC Wireless, a consulting firm, to analyze our current cell tower contracts. We may decide to use their services to negotiate our future cell tower contracts.
  • Michelle Garven mentioned the desire to begin a district newsletter in print to distribute to the community.  An example was attached in the District Administrator’s Report for review.
  • Some samples of Neola policies are attached to the District Administrator’s Report for review.
  • Open enrollment brochures were distributed to outlying communities.  We did not mail these to our surrounding districts but did market to Kenosha Public School students.
  • Michelle Garven asked Ted Gavlin to update the Board on safety, and what the district has been doing in light of the horrific tragedy in Florida.

Board Member Comments

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New Business

  • Tracy Donich shared mid-year evidence of learning for students with measures of academic progress.
  • Jenny Loveless stated, per item 6I from the systems and priorities document, that our objective to hire a new health aide has been met. Mellissa Peterson accepted the position.