District Administrators’ Reports

Michelle Garven, District Administrator reported on the following:

  • Michelle Garven provided an update on the preliminary budget and possibly organizing a community group this summer; to move forward in talking about referendums and operational referendums.
    Michelle reports a new update with the cell towers.

Board Member Comments

  • Lynn Jaeger thanked the administration and the staff for this school year and for the graduation. He appreciates the successes and the smiles of the students.Our students are going to “wow” the high school with their achievements

New Business

  • Dean Troyer reports everyone has been left on their designated committees. It was discussed possibly going to one board meeting a month, and the committee meeting on the other night. A decision has not been. Michael Murdock adds that we need the whole board here to finalize. Michelle Garven asked that a date be set for the annual meeting.
  • Lynn Jaeger reports that changing the board meeting does not pose any difficulty.