Title __________________________________________________________________

Author ________________________________________________________________

A. Purpose

  1. What is the overall purpose of the material? _____________________________
  2. Is the purpose accomplished? ___Yes ___No

B. Authenticity

  1. Is the author competent and qualified in the field? ___Yes ___No
  2. What is the reputation and significance of the author and publisher/producer in the field? ________________________________________________________
  3. Is the material up-to-date? ___Yes ___No
  4. Are information sources well documented? ___Yes ___No
  5. Are translations and retellings faithful to the original? ___Yes ___No

C. Appropriateness

  1. Does the material promote the educational goals and objectives of the curriculum of district schools? ___Yes ___No
  2. Is it appropriate to the level of instruction intended? ___Yes ___No
  3. Are the illustrations appropriate to the subject and age levels? ___Yes ___No

D. Content

  1. Is the content of this material well presented by providing adequate scope, range, depth, and continuity? ___Yes ___No
  2. Does the material present information not otherwise available? ___Yes ___No
  3. Does this material give a new dimension or direction to its subject? ___Yes ___No

E. Reviews

  1. Source of review

___Favorably reviewed ___Unfavorably reviewed

  1. Does this title appear in one or more reputable selection aids? ___Yes ___No
  2. If answer is yes, please list titles of selection aids: __________________________________________________________________


  1. Additional Comments: __________________________________________________________________


Recommendation by School Media Advisory Committee for treatment of challenged materials: __________________________________________________________________


Date: _______________

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