It is the responsibility of the student and the parent/guardian to make certain that the student dress and grooming guidelines are followed.  To the greatest extent possible, school personnel wish to focus their time and skills on the teaching and learning process.  Dealing with issues regarding student dress and grooming take away from the school staff’s overall focus and goal of education.  Therefore, “Student Dress and Grooming Guidelines” have been approved by the Board to assist students and parent/guardians in maintaining proper dress in school and at school sponsored activities.

Each student and parent/guardian is expected to review the guidelines and sign the acknowledgement statement indicating that they will follow the code for the school year.

Parent Acknowledgement Statement

I have reviewed the enclosed “Student Dress and Grooming Guidelines” with my child(ren) and agree to support and follow the guidelines regarding student dress and grooming for my child’s attendance at school and school sponsored activities.

Further, I understand that if my child(ren) do/does not comply with the guidelines, that the school administration will take disciplinary action to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________ Date ___________