The following procedures are aligned with Wisconsin's Compulsory Attendance Law's 118.15 and the Kenosha County Truancy Plan, pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 118.162.

The entire process of education requires continuity of instruction and classroom participation. Frequent absences from the classroom learning experience disrupt the continuity of the instructional process. A record of attendance is required by law and is carefully noted in a student's permanent record.

A. Attendance Procedure

When it is necessary for a student to be absent, parents/guardians are required to call the school office at Trevor 862-2356 or Wilmot at 862-6461. If calling in an absence outside of school hours a message may be left on the voice mail system. The school attendance officer or designee shall determine daily which students are in attendance, excused absent, or truant from school per Wisconsin State Statue 118.15.

B. Excused Absences

A student shall be excused from school for the following legal causes:

1) Physical or Mental Condition
Students may be excluded from school if they are temporarily not in the proper physical or mental condition to attend a school program. If absences exceed three (3) days, the school may require that the absence be certified in writing by a licensed physician, dentist, chiropractor, optometrist, psychologist, or Christian Science practitioner living and residing in the state of Wisconsin and who is listed in the Christian Science Journal, as sufficient proof of the physical or mental condition of the child. An excuse under this section shall be in writing and shall state the time period for which it is valid, not to exceed 30 days. If the Attendance Officer or designee identifies a negative attendance pattern he or she may require a certified, written excuse from a medical professional to establish legal cause of any absences per Wisconsin State Statue 118.16(1)c.

2) Parental Excused Absence
Students may be excused for any day or part of a day in which the student has been excused by his/her parent or guardian before the absence for any reason. Students may not be excused for more than ten (10) days under this section. After 10 days the student may be considered truant. Examples of reasons being absent include but are not limited to:
Medical, dental, and legal appointments and proceedings
College visits Vacations Funerals

C. Truancy

Truancy means any absence of part or all of a school day during which the attendance office has not been notified of the legal cause of such an absence by the parent or guardian of the student. A Habitual Truant is a student who is absent from school without legal cause for part or all of 5 or more days during a semester.

Consequences for Truancy
1st Truancy - parent/guardian notification, referred to guidance counselor
2nd Truancy - parent/guardian notification, meeting held with parents, administration, and guidance counselor
3rd Truancy - parent/guardian notification, referral to High School Resource Officer for truancy citation
4th Truancy - parent/guardian notification, referral to High School Resource Officer for truancy citation
5th Truancy - parent/guardian notification, begin legal action on court referral for Habitual Truancy

D. Absences/Make Up Work

Students are expected to complete work missed during an absence. Upon returning to school, students should meet with their teachers to see what work needs to be made up. Students will receive one school day more than the number of days absent to complete their missing work. For example, an absence of two school days would allow a student three school days to complete all make up work. The teacher reserves the right to provide an alternate assignment or activity for the work missed.Attendance Procedures Flow Chart