Introduction and Purpose

A Purchasing Card Program has been established to provide a more cost effective means of placing and processing designated types of District purchases. The Purchasing Card Program delegates the authority and capability of placing these purchases directly to designated cardholders.

This policy is intended to provide general guidelines for using the Purchasing Card Program. For detailed information on implementing these policies, see the Purchasing Card Procedure Manual. Questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Program Administrator.

Definition of Terms in this Policy

  • The term "card" refers to a District issued Purchasing Card.
  • The term "cardholder" refers to the employee whose name is embossed on the front of the card. In the case of a site assigned card, "cardholder" refers to the site supervisor or his/her designee.
  • The term "Program Administrator" refers to the District Purchasing Card Program Administrator. "Program" refers to the District's Purchasing Card Program.



LEGAL REF.:       Section 66.0135 Wisconsin Statutes 66.0607



First Reading: May 21, 2013
Second Reading: June 4, 2013
Approved: July 16, 2013
For the Board: Tom Steiner, President; Lynn Jaeger, Vice President; Cole Marshall, Clerk; Bill Barhyte, Treasurer;Dean Troyer, Member