The District provides and maintains voice-mail, facsimile machines, computers, Internet access and e-mail for employees’ use in order to provide a high quality, efficient environment in which to fulfill District responsibilities.  To that end, these systems should only be used for valid work-related purposes.

Electronic communication is subject to the Wisconsin Public Records Law regulations. Your communications and the use of these systems shall be held to the same standards as all other professional communications, including compliance with anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.  Employees who use the systems inappropriately can be subject to loss of access privileges, and other appropriate discipline, up to and including discharge.  Inappropriate uses include, but are not limited to:

  • communications that contain ethnic slurs, inappropriate racial references, sexually explicit, obscene or harassing messages that would constitute harassment of others;
  • unauthorized attempts to access, retrieve, read or listen to another person’s computer, e-mail or voice-mail account without prior authorization;
  • transmission of sensitive, confidential or proprietary information to unauthorized persons or organizations;
  • illegal or unethical activities or other activities that could adversely impact the District.

In accordance with Board Policy 770 and its implementing rules, the District reserves the right to review, audit, intercept, monitor, access, disclose, copy and/or download any communication created, transmitted or maintained on any of the District’s computer or electronic communication systems.  Deleting an e-mail message does not guarantee that it has been erased from the Internet server system.

The district is not obliged to notify employees when electronic communication systems have been accessed.

I understand that any use of District Electronic Communication media for illegal purposes will be reported to law enforcement, and that the District will cooperate with legal investigation of such use.

I have received and read Board Policy 770 – Electronic Communication and the implementing rules and agree to comply with the terms delineated within the Policy and Rules.  I understand that failure to abide with these terms may result in discipline, up to and including discharge.

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