Internet publications shall comply with District rules and regulations regarding content and technical specifications, and shall be the property of the District.

1. Internet publications should be approved by the District Administrator or designee before being placed on the District web server or on District approved servers. Designers of Internet publications must adhere to all rules, regulations and obligations regarding Internet publications.

2. The District Administration is responsible for Internet publication monitoring and approval to ensure compliance with content standards. Published Internet publications will follow District policies regarding copyright and nondiscrimination and will not contain offensive material.

a. All subject matter on Internet publications published on the District web site should relate to curriculum, instruction, school authorized activities or contain community information.

b. No text, image, movie or sound that contains pornography, profanity, obscenity or language that degrades others or links to such material will be permitted. Should such content and/or links be found, it shall be reported to the District Administrator for appropriate action.

c. Copyrighted material cannot be used unless written permission has been obtained. The original permission should be housed in the District office.

d. Web work must be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

e. The quality or propriety of Internet publication material, appearance or content are the responsibility of the District Administrator or designee.

f. Complaints about web site content should be directed to the District Administrator according to the procedures identified in Policy 361.6, Challenged Materials. The District Administrator will determine if the procedures in Policy 361.6 shall be followed.

3. Student Safeguards

a. No personal information about a student may be included on Internet publications published on the District web site. This includes home telephone numbers and addresses as well as information regarding the specific location of any student at any given time, other than attendance at a particular school or participation in activities. This includes full names of other family members, or full names of friends.

b. Student work may be signed with the student's first name and initial of their last name or just their initials. No pictures may identify students by name unless permission is given in writing by a parent/guardian.

c. Individuals in pictures, movies or sound recordings that are put on the Internet may not be identified. No last names may appear in reference to individuals in any written work, image, movie or sound recording placed on the web.

d. Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members or to a generic classroom

e. The original sender's e-mail address shall be removed before the e-mail is forwarded to students by a staff member.

4. Those persons having access to the District web server may not publish personal home pages as part of the District's web site. Organizations not directly governed by District policies, staff pages, student work or reference links may be published if they relate to a class project, course or other school related activity. The District and its employees will not link to nor promote individual home pages or social network sites.

5. The District web sites will be housed on secure servers, and every attempt will be made to establish and maintain security. The District recognizes that any web environment may be compromised despite the District's best efforts to maintain security. Should web security be compromised, the District will promptly take the appropriate action(s) to restore the integrity of the web site and notify the appropriate parties of the breach.

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